My Lab One

The new MyLab™One represents the revolutionary high performance arm-held ultrasound scanner in just 12" full touch-screen display: due to its lightness and portability, it can be used even without a worktop, in complete autonomy by a single operator - given that it is wearable thanks to its unique features!

My Lab Five

With the MyLab™Five mobile ultrasound scanner your need to make easy use of a powerful compact ultrasound system is fully satisfied. Clinical confidence, compactness, versatility, modularity, value: five reasons to choose the new MyLab™Five and its different available configurations.

MyLab 25 GOLD

With the introduction of the MyLab™25Gold, Esaote establishes a new standard in the ultrasound portable systems class. In combination with the high-level of performance in general imaging, MyLab™25Gold represents the most demanding Shared Service department, covering and satisfying all clinical needs.

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