The full line of ultrasound systems from Esaote North America is designed to meet the demands of real-world scanning environments. Whether for private practice, mobile services, hospitals or clinics, our multi-specialty systems offer outstanding image quality and advanced diagnostic capabilities for more confident diagnoses.


Esaote is the first company to develop a successful business strategy for dedicated MRI systems for imaging knees, shoulder and extremities. More recently Esaote has also developed a cutting-edge MRI system used for spine imaging procedures (G-Scan).


3mensio Structural heart is a product dedicated to planning of aortic and mitral valve replacement and repair procedures and left atrial appendage closures.

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Learn more about the latest innovative Esaote Dedicated MRI diagnostic imaging systems.
Browse the new four microsites focused on musculoskeletal and spine imaging, weight-bearing, orthopedic, extremity and podiatry MRI.
Cost-effective clinical solutions for outstanding MR high resolution quality images and easier patient positioning.

Ultrasound for Critical Care and Emergency Applications Seminar in San Diego CA on May 7-9, 2012